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Pain Management and You: The Equiscope Way

Are you tired of being in pain? Frustrated or even angry that you haven’t found a decent pain management technique? Scared you’ll be living with your pain for years?

You’re not alone. Thousands of people are coping with chronic or acute pain that affects their quality of life. You’ve probably tried every pain management treatment in the traditional book – and more:

  • over-the-counter medicines

  • hot-and-cold compresses

  • mind-body therapies

  • acupuncture

  • meditation

  • detox

  • a newly balanced diet

  • exercise

Some of these methods work well for some people. Pain management is a huge topic. But there’s a difference between pain management and pain removal. Let’s start with pain management and then look ahead to pain removal. Your pain removal.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management means helping you cope with pain enough to ignore it for a while. Perhaps you can block your brain from feeling it for a time. Management doesn’t cure pain. It simply helps you put up with it.

But what if true pain management doesn’t lie in pills, potions, and painkillers but sorting it out?

It’s not wishful thinking. What you’re looking for is pain removal. And the good news is that it’s possible to decrease your pain the Equiscope way, often within three sessions.

Equiscope therapy heals your body, and therefore its pain, from the inside at the cellular level.

What is Cellular Healing?

It sounds revolutionary but the technique has been around in some form or other for decades.

It’s a treatment that’s

  • non-chemical

  • non-invasive

  • holistic

  • regenerative

Think of your body as an Internet of Things (IoT) connected wirelessly. Your body’s made of millions of cells that are directly connected to your health condition.

When some of these cells fail to function properly, diseases emerge. Healing at a cellular level means finding the origin of the pain and dealing with it directly at its source – restoring damaged cells, so they can thrive again – as Dr. Miguel Lanzagorta explains so succinctly in this video clip.

When your sick cells heal, you’re finally able to permanently get rid of your pain and experience a drastic improvement in your life and wellbeing.