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Revive Your Skin...

At Kailani Wellness, we use the most advanced Micro-current on the market, the Electro-Equiscope. With it's real time biofeedback technology, it is able to read your skin and the muscles of your face down to the cellular level, and correct the imbalance in those cells.


Equiscope Micro-current Benefits:

  • Stimulates collagen & Elastin Production

  • Minimizes fine lines

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Lightens acne scarring and hyperpigmentation

  • 70% increase in the body's detoxification rate

  • Also used for Keloid scars 

Our micro-current facials are so relaxing, you might just fall asleep!

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New Client Spring Special

25% off your first single Beauty Session:

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Consultation, Treatment Plan, & 

Full Micro-current facial

What our
Clients are


At Kailani-Wellness we use artificial intelligence guided micro-current therapy, which all bodies respond to differently. All testimonials are made by real clients who have received a minimum of 6 treatments, unless otherwise stated. These testimonials are examples and are not a guarantee of your personal results. Please contact us with any questions.



What a treat! My skin feels so smooth, and looks so fresh! It was amazing to have some time to myself, and fully relax. As soon as the microcurrent started, I was in zen!

I’ve tried botox and fillers, but decided I wanted something natural. The effects aren’t the same, but my skin looks and feels amazing, and my 11 lines are gone, and I’ve seen such a reduction in my fine lines. I won’t be going back to needles anymore! 

Conveniently located in the Highlands neighborhood, Denver.

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2949 Federal Blvd

Suite 219

Denver, CO 80211


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